About Project S.L.O.W., Inc.
Project S.L.O.W., Inc. is an online based nonprofit organization, where “S.L.O.W.” is an acronym, which stands for, “Shining Light On Wilmington”.

With Project S.L.O.W., we want to do just that— Highlight all of Wilmington’s excellence, success, and positive services and events that our residents and organizations of all types and sizes provide in Wilmington and for the people of Wilmington.

How can you help? 
Simply send us the pictures, videos, or flyers of your positive service, event, or success story (i.e. graduation, new business, etc.) to positive@projectslow.org for it to be featured on our web page and/or social media pages. Don’t forget to include a brief summary telling us all about your service/event.

We’re also looking for coachable and accountable people who would like to join our team, assisting with maintaining our web page and social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

If there are any other ways you believe you can help Project S.L.O.W., please email us the details at ProjectSLOW302@gmail.com!

About the Founder
Project S.L.O.W., Inc. was founded in October 2016, by Robert J. Nelson. Rob was born and raised on the North side of Wilmington after his entire family moved from Jamaica. After graduating from Delcastle Technical High School, Rob continued his education, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, from Delaware State University, and his Master of Science degree in Information Assurance/Cyber Security, from Wilmington University. Rob aspires to advance his education and obtain his Ph.D., as education is very important to him.

Wilmington is a great city and I feel like it doesn’t get the proper recognition that it deserves. The media always portrays us to be so violent and negative. I mean sure, crime happens in our city… but that’s not ALL that happens. So with Project SLOW, I want to highlight everything positive about Wilmington, and show the world how great we really are!”
-Robert J. Nelson